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About Me

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Freelance Animator specialising in Stop Motion & Motion Graphics

My name is Alex Crowley and I'm a UK Stop Motion Animator and Motion Graphics Designer based near London. I've been working in the industry as a freelancer since 2013 and continue to expand my horizons.

I have provided animated content for clients such as Primark, Entertainment One, Cadbury, Mars, Sainsburys, Kidz Bop, Financial Times, Pepsico, Naim Audio, GSK, Bayer, Unilever and P&G.

As for films, I have worked as an Animator on Paloma Baeza's BAFTA winning film 'Poles Apart' (2017) and an Assistant Animator on Aardman Animations' feature film 'Early Man' (2018).

I am an alumni of Aardman's NFTS Character Animation course and graduated from Middlesex University's BA Animation course with a first class honours degree.

My Services

Passionate & Driven

I have a strong understanding of film direction, comedic timing and always try to inject character into my work. Animation is my passion and I always work to the best of my ability!

Stop Motion Studio

I have a high quality studio setup specifically designed for Stop Motion Animation, complete with 1800MM X 900MM animation table, studio lights and DSLR Shooting equipment.

Powerful Equipment

Custom built multicore i7 PC with 32GB RAM, allowing fast rendering times and maximum efficiency when creating Motion Graphics and editing animated content using Adobe CC.

I am currently available for freelance projects. I can be reached at

+44 7852 686342